In the “Altapasta” factory, the production process begins much earlier, for us in fact , it actually begins with the choice of durum wheat and accordingly of semolina. We ask Molino, the bran supplier, to send us for each lot / delivery a certificate of analysis of the same, a certificate attesting the adequacy between what purchased and what actually delivered. To make sure you always use fresh milling semolina, we restock oftentimes (weekly requirement). When the bran arrives at the factory, in addition to verifying the certificate of analysis provided by the Supplier, we proceed to a visual check and sometimes even to an external laboratory test.


Having ascertained the good quality of the bran, the real process of transformation of bran into pasta begins, it is a long and difficult process. In fact, everything must be done with deep knowledge and mastery before leaving the dough to the bronze dies that give shape to the “AL” pasta.


Soon after the pasta processing, the most delicate and difficult phase begins, that is the drying, a very slow process, made at low temperature to bring the moisture content of the pasta at a rate that does not exceed 12%. After drying, the pasta takes on the golden yellow color typical of the homemade pasta.


Throughout the entire process we make sure to keep the highest health and hygiene standards. Making excellent quality pasta is the main value of our company as well as our final goal.